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Kerensa Jennings is an award winning storyteller, strategist, writer, producer and professor. Kerensa’s TV work took her all over the world, covering everything from geo-politics to palaeontology, and her time as Programme Editor of Breakfast with Frost coincided with the life-changing events of 9/11. The knowledge and experience she gained in psychology by qualifying and practising as an Executive Coach deepened her fascination with the human mind. Her writing explores the interplay between nature and nurture, and the influences that make us who we are. While a scholar at Oxford, her lifelong passion for poetry took flight. Kerensa lives in West London and has developed a career in digital enterprise. Her first novel Seas of Snow became a five-star bestseller within months of publication.

Dr Christian de Vartavan FLS FRSA is an Egyptologist ‘extraordinaire’ of international reputation, and an expert on the blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). who advises UK Parliament. In other words a polymath.

Chris Skudder is one of the most travelled and experienced sports correspondents in British broadcasting. Chris was one of the original wave of broadcasters from the satellite revolution of the early 90’s when Sky News shook up the establishment – one of the pioneers of rolling news and sports news.  Among many major events around the world he’s covered the last seven football World Cups, five Olympic Games and interviewed some of the biggest names in sport during a career spanning more than 35 years, 25 with Sky News and Sky Sports News where he became a familiar face on television screens in Britain, Ireland and the numerous countries around the world that fell under Sky’s satellite footprint. After graduating from Goldsmiths College, University of London, Chris self started in broadcasting and journalism via hospital radio in Pembrokeshire, local newspapers and as a DJ and sports broadcaster through Independent Local Radio. He then started his television journey moonlighting with the embryonic, original satellite broadcaster BSB (remember the ‘squarial’ dish?) before the merger with Sky. Along the way he could claim a small footnote in history –  the first person to commit the words ‘Sky Sports’ to tape, a voiceover for the original commercial tender from the days when the idea of a dedicated sports channel was first mooted. Now independent, he works for ITV News. His first book ‘Underdogs and Newshounds’ reflecting his time on the road should be out very soon.

Lee Wellings is a unique sports journalist with over 30 years experience at leading media organisations in broadcasting, journalism and management. He spent a decade as global sports correspondent for Al Jazeera, covering major news stories, football World Cups in Brazil and Russia, and Olympics in London, Rio and Pyeongchang. He is a former Sky News Sports Editor, Programme Editor at BBC, pioneering videojournalist and the first sports anchor of Channel 5 News at ITN. Born and raised in London, Lee has helped launch and nurture many careers in journalism and broadcasting and been used by worldwide educational projects for children’s career speeches and presentations. His own career started at the renowned Hayters Sports Agency in Fleet Street in 1990. He covered his first football match as a 16 year-old schoolboy in 1988. He lives in the West Sussex town of Horsham with his family, and has become a devoted supporter of Horsham FC. Whether writing, broadcasting or film making, Lee brings energy, integrity and fresh approaches to story telling and to encourage deeper thinking about sport’s place in society. The Dilly Dong Bell is his first book. [Listen to Lee talking about his life experience in a podcast] [Watch Lee go back in time]

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