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Blockchain Impact!

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Christian de Vartavan (Consultant Editor)

The impact of blockchain technology on the world is forecast to be exponential during the next decade.

This book is a practical introduction for senior executives and decision makers who wish to understand how blockchain can boost their company’s returns but also anyone who wishes to follow the leap developments of this disruptive technology. 

Dr. Christian de Vartavan FLS FRSA, former board member on UK Parliament’s APPG Blockchain, has asked a selection of hand-picked CEOs and founders of their companies – from Daimler to the NHS – to explain how blockchain has made them successful, can make a company more productive or is currently driving innovation.

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ISBN 978-1-913984-00-7

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Due 2022

The Sub-C Portal

by Kerensa Jennings

Dreams are as old as time… they take us to other worlds and other realities. They’ve always been one step removed – safely buried in our sleeping selves. Until now. So what if you could step into your own dreams… would you? 

Dr Thomas has been studying dreams since she was a little girl, fascinated not just by the neuroscience but the stories from ancient times, spanning cultures and religions from Native Americans and Aborigines to Buddhists and Hindus. She is convinced there must be a way we can use dreams to heal. And she begins to realise she is right.

5-star bestselling author of Seas of Snow, Kerensa Jennings, brings us another gripping page turner, where darkness threatens to swallow the light. 

ISBN 978-1-913984-01-4

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Due November 2021

The Dilly Dong Bell


by Lee Wellings

The power of sport, the magic. Six years-old, mesmerised.

Forty years later, witness to a miracle, inspired by the body of a fallen King, a humble Italian and a little bell. Do you believe in magic?

Across the globe, Lee looked deeper to show how sports reflects life, and how it lost its way. Doping, corruption, cheating. The business it became. When the world stopped, the game already had serious issues.

But just a game? These are stories of identity, hierarchy, race, community, redemption, mortality, belief. Life. It’s all there in sport, if you know where to look, if you listen to the sound of the bell.

[Listen to Lee talking about his life experience in a podcast]

[Watch Lee go back in time]

ISBN 978-1-913984-04-5

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Unseen Voices

Edited by Kerensa Jennings

ISBN 978-1-913984-05-2

Due 2021

Poems of the Blood Lions

The Blood Lions are a dynasty who have stalked through time, as princes, tobacco traders, knights, engineers and archaeologist. They have changed history across continents, reaching Brazil, Egypt, Japan, Greece, the UK and beyond.

But their cradle is Armenia, and it is from this mountainous homeland that centuries of scions have left their mark on literature. As curators and writers, the Blood Lions have gathered an extraordinary collection of poetry tracing life, death and the bittersweet moments that define us.

ee Cummings, Shakespeare, Raffi, Levon, Terian, Rilke, Verlaine, Neruda, Whitman, Poe and Angelou all feature, among many others, in this remarkable anthology.

“Their song vibrates
Through the voice of the wood
Beats in the heart of each leaf
Through time

Their chords sing deep
In the dark of the sea
Roars in the eye of each wave

ISBN 978-1-913984-03-8

Due 2021

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