Blockchain Impact!

Success – Productivity – Innovation

Christian de Vartavan (Consultant Editor)

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This is not just a book about blockchain, it is a block of the blockchain. Its entire contents have been converted to a hash which is printed on the back cover. De facto demonstrating how blockchain can be used in book publishing to protect intellectual property and create immutable records.

As far as could be verified, this is a world first. No evidence has come to light of any book hashed and put on the blockchain by any publishing house in history. Blockchain Impact! has a hash on its back cover alongside a QR code and ISBN barcode. But what is a hash, and what is the point of hashing a book?

The answer to this question, and a specific use case of the blockchain technology, i.e. publishing, is revealed in the book. It explains how Blockchain Impact! puts into action some of the suggestions to protect authors made in the UK Parliament by its consultant editor, Dr Christian de Vartavan FLS FRSA. However, this is just one of many such questions Blockchain Impact! answers, and one of several practical and fully functional use cases of blockchain that the book showcases. Seventeen senior company executives (mostly CEOs) and leaders in their fields, some former or current university scholars, belonging to 15 companies from around the world ranging from Daimler (Germany) to the NHS (UK) via Plastic Bank (Canada) and Copperwire Systems (USA), show how they have implemented blockchain with success in their own businesses.

This book is also unique because never before have so many chief executives contributed to a single book about blockchain to testify that blockchain works. Blockchain is a commercial game changer for those who learn about it and want to achieve more for their companies or projects. From space satellites, supply chains and FinTech, to healthcare, climate action and education, blockchain is raising the bar for security, privacy, productivity and innovation. This book shows that its impact on our world is not only already economically and technologically transformative, but scarcely at the cusp of its potential.

Finally, Blockchain Impact! presents a firsthand account of how the blockchain technology was invented as its consultant editor is in direct contact with one of blockchain’s founding fathers.

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Table of Contents


· Dr. Christian de Vartavan FLS FRSA: 1


· Dr. Christian de Vartavan (CEO, Projectis Consultants) From pharaohs’ blocks to blockchain: a tale of centralised to decentralised ledgers: 5-41

· Dr. Harry Behrens (Head of Blockchain Factory, Daimler Mobility AG) Cooperative platforms and blockchain: How decentralised technology can change platform economics: 43-51

· Shaun Frankson (Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, Plastic Bank) Plastic Bank’s successful journey with blockchain: 53-61

· Dean Armstrong QC (CEO, The Proof of Trust), Philip Ingram MBE, (Founder, Grey Hare Media) and Professor Lisa Short (Founder, Mind Shifting) Blockchain’s missing block in the chain of success: 63-75


· Fernando Santiago-Cajaraville (Project Manager, APPG Blockchain, Big Innovation Centre) The impact of blockchain on the visibility and trust of supply chains: 79-92

· Sunil Cherian, Rakesh Sreekumar and Ashutosh Kapuskar (Co-founders, Copperwire Systems) Reimagining supply chain management with blockchain: 93-107

· Ciaran McGowan (CEO, We-Trade) Ten examples of how merchants can benefit from WE.TRADE’s blockchain platform: 109-114

· Osmin Callis (Commercial Manager, nCHAIN) Blockchain, the new cloud? An interview with nChain’s Executives: 115-122

· Hirander Misra (Chairman, GMEX & SECDEX GROUPS) How Blockchain Powered Exchange 4.0 and Fintech 4IR will lead to Society 5.0: 123-132


· Lars Rensing (CEO, Protokol) How blockchain is driving innovation and efficiency in IoT: 135-153

· Simon F. Dyson (Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) Lead, NHS Digital) Privacy as a catalyst for blockchain innovation: 155-166

· Oner Avara (CEO, Mynextmatch) Blockchain and the future health of sport:  167-174

· Prof. Lisa Short (Founder, Mind Shifting) How Blockchain Innovation is empowering Trust in Society 5.0 : 175-188

· Dr. Christian de Vartavan (CEO, Projectis Consultants) Proposal of a new law to protect authors’ royalties using blockchain: 189-194

· Prof. Hasshi Sudler (CEO, Internet Think Tank) Spearheading blockchain innovation : from space satellites to Covid19 programs: 195-213


· Contributing companies’ contact details: 214-215



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