“It’s bloomin’ good, and so rare to find a book about sport that is actually very, very strong” ALASTAIR STEWART OBE ON TV @AlStewartOBE

Chris Skudder

A new book about the World Cup but never told like this before – Chris Skudder’s Underdogs & Newshounds is a triumph of ‘unique and addictive storytelling’.

Skudder takes us on an evocative road trip, a journey viewed through, and beyond the eye of the camera lens that accompanied him around the globe covering the last seven tournaments. These are stories that you rarely heard or that could never be fully told on television.

A book of up close tales from one of the most travelled and experienced sports correspondents in British broadcasting, and the club ‘education’ that got him there. But there’s much here for more than just sports fans, from someone who saw the bigger picture. It homes in on the human stories, the people and the places, littered with wry humour, punctuated by dark tales from the road.

This highly respected broadcaster’s passion and humility elevate Underdogs and Newshounds into the football literature stratosphere.

Paperback. 250 pages with 4 pages of colour photos. 19.7 x 13.2 cm. ISBN 978-1-913984-09-0. 

ORDER: £ 11.50 (includes free post & package). 

ORDER WORLD: £ 16.99 (includes post & package).

Ebook (PDF). 250 pages. ISBN 978-1-913984-17-5. ORDER £ 5.50

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